Let’s make a plan for when you're not around anymore

We’ve created a simple and free way to build a will, get the right insurance, and be sure your loved ones will be taken care of

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Who should use EverState?

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People with things

Let’s make sure that any debt owed on assets like your car and house are covered and these possessions go to the right people.

People with families and other people that rely on them financially

We can make a plan to cover all the taxes and expenses that come with transferring your stuff to the right people. They might also need some help paying bills until your stuff is transferred to them.

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People who pay school fees

People who pay school fees: We’ll find a way to get education costs sorted.

How Does it Work?


Tell us about yourself and what you want taken care of when you’re gone.


Get your free will.


See if there are any other death-related things that you’d like taken care of.


Have one place that keeps all the information on what needs to happen when you die.


Let loved ones know who to contact when you’re gone by adding them to your EverState.

Things that we can help take care of on top of your will

We’ve got the basics covered.

Death expenses

Death expenses like estates duties, transfer costs, executor fees, capital gains tax.

Asset protection

Settling all asset-related debt, to avoid your inheritors having to sell the possessions like a house or car.


Simple ways to make sure that you cover the basics

All the information on what should happen

Peace of mind that everything is taken care of